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  What Clients Are Saying:  

 "I'm always so impressed with Ms. Vicky's ability to provide a warm, nurturing learning environment in a virtual setting. She's a gifted educator and my kids really enjoy the time they get to spend with her because they know how much she cares. As a parent of young kids in this remote learning environment, I'm so thankful to have Higher Homeschool in our schedule!"


"Ms. Vicky is a highly experienced, dynamic, and faith-based homeschool teacher that we have ever met. We invite her to our home for her 1:30hr class every week, and it is one of the most enriching moments for my kids during the week. While my older son has already started his K, my younger son stays at home and we used to find it somewhat challenging to fit him in a systematic, stage-adjusted education system by ourselves. Thank God, we have the privilege to have Ms Vicky to come and educate him, and we saw his English, writing, and expression both in speaking and writing steadily progressing as he was homeschooled by Ms Vicky. We are impressed not only by his academic progress, but also by Ms Vicky's strong experience in making him highly engaged throughout the schooling time, regardless of his status before each class (e.g. ready, not-ready, angry, sleepy, normal, shy, not-confidnet..). Another key feature that we loved about Ms Vicky's class is her faith-based, Jesus Christ-based class setting and material choice, these gave us a very much sense of comfort and safety for our kids' education in this constantly-changing world. We will strongly recommend Ms. Vicky's class to anyone that is interested."


"Higher Homeschool does an amazing job in meeting the needs of our family and our daughter. Ms. Vicky goes the extra mile each and every session. She really understands how to  embark on the strengths of my daughter, keep her engaged through her interests, and foster her growth in areas of improvement. All in all, she is generous, patient, and truly cares about the success and emotional well-being of her students."


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