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Printable Learning Activities

The following activities are free to download and print for personal use only. Please consider donating with the above PayPal link or contact for other ways to donate. The purpose of these HigherHomeschool activities is to provide crucial educational elements in the Orthodox Christian faith.  Thank you. 


A great way to start the Ecclesiastical New Year! Look at the icons and label the Great Feastdays of the church. 

Learn about Saint Vasilios and the history of the "Vasilopita". Recipe included!

A perfect activity for Valentine's Day. A Christian loves year round! How do we love? By filling our heart with virtues.  Cut out the hearts and glue them around the bible verse. 

Countdown to Pascha, starting with the Triodion, by coloring and learning about the icons. 

Fill in the missing words from the bible verse. You can glue the end result onto a colorful piece of cardstock and keep Christ's words in mind during Lent.  

A way to help children focus more on Christ during Great Lent. 

Practice your handwriting by tracing the Jesus Prayer. 

Trace the letters and learn about Palm Sunday. 

Lean about Christ's passion by reflecting on the icons drawings. 

Learn how to say "Christ is Risen" in different languages and color the eggs. 

Children can create stick puppets and put on a Nativity show. 

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